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Star Anise Spice 100g



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Star Anise Spice 100g


  • Premium quality star anise spice to add flavour to your favourite dishes
  • Flavour-enhancing, rich and authentic taste
  • Offers spicy taste and enticing aroma for the final preparation of the dish
  • Can be used when making biryanis, masala tea and more.
  • Consistent quality across the year
  • Hygienically packaged in a HACCP-certified unit
  • Weight: 100g
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  • Spice Up Your Dishes With A Burst of Flavor With Star Anise Spice!

    • Bring an authentic taste of the Orient into your kitchen with premium star anise spice
    • Offers an enticing aroma and rich, spicy flavor to rice, curries, soups, masala tea, and more
    • Consistent, high-quality spice harvested at peak freshness
    • Hygienically packed in a HACCP-certified facility to ensure purity and safety

    This premium-grade star anise spice is meticulously sourced to bring you the very best flavor and aroma to spice up your dishes. With its distinctive licorice notes and hints of clove and fennel, star anise adds an exotic depth and complexity to both sweet and savory foods.

    A little goes a long way with this powerful spice. Add whole pods to simmering broths and curries, or ground star anise to spice rubs, marinades, breads, cookies, and tea. The authentic taste and aroma will transport your meals to new heights.

    For cooks looking to add intrigue and excitement to their recipes, this high-quality star anise is a must-have pantry staple. Enjoy consistent, fresh flavor all year round with spice sourced from the finest crops and harvested at peak ripeness.

    With its rich history in Chinese and Indian cuisine, star anise brings an alluring mystique to everything from masala chai to pho broth. Upgrade your home cooking with this versatile, exotic spice blend.


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